Kirby uses Mouthful Mode on your backpack with this Forgotten Land pre-order bonus

The pre-order bonus for Kirby and the Forgotten Land in Hong Kong is a ‘Mouthful Mode’-inspired backpack cover, so it can look like you’re using the pink blob to store your valuables. 

As spotted by Nintendo Life (opens in new tab), those who pre-order Kirby and the Forgotten Land in Hong Kong will receive a Mouthful Mode backpack cover. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if this is available in any other countries at the moment but we’ll keep our fingers crossed it does so we can initiate Mouthful Mode with other items in our house. 

Originally shared by @Akfamilyhome (opens in new tab) on Twitter, the cover looks as though it would stretch over a reasonably sized backpack, in case you were worried it would only fit a school-aged kid’s bag, and features Kirby’s instantly recognizable blue eyes and cheek blush on the top of it, with the Kirby and the Forgotten Land logo on the bottom. 

The Hong Kong preorder bonus for Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a Mouthful Mode themed backpack cover 10, 2022

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If you aren’t familiar with Mouthful Mode, but now can’t go the rest of your day without knowing what it is, here’s how it works. We got our first look at the new Mouthful Mode earlier this month during the February Nintendo Direct. In a new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, we saw the little pink blob get his chops around a car, a vending machine, a traffic cone, and more. 

Mouthful Mode isn’t just used to contort Kirby into funny shapes though – depending on what kind of item he inhales, Kirby can utilize new actions as he makes his way around the Forgotten Land. This includes shooting cans out of his vending machine mouth, piercing weak spots with the top of the cone, reaching heights with the scissor lift inhaled, and more.

Can’t get enough of the little pink blob? Find out why Kirby and the Forgotten Land hasn’t forgotten its roots but brings exciting new ideas.

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