League of Legends studio seemingly working on a “brand new AAA title”

Legends of Legends developer Riot is apparently developing a brand new AAA title for consoles.

As first picked up by ResetEra (opens in new tab) earlier today on March 30, a job listing on Riot’s official website was seeking a Senior Game Designer to work on a “brand new AAA title,” specifically for consoles. There wasn’t any further details at the time on the nature of this unannounced title, for example whether it would be part of an existing series like League of Legends of Valorant, or something brand new.

However, the same job listing now appears to have been heavily edited. Heading to the same page on Riot’s official website (opens in new tab) now, you’ll see a Senior Game Designer for the console version of Valorant, Riot’s fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter that first launched on PC back in mid-2020.

Last we heard, Riot was actually intending to bring Valorant to console platforms at some point in the future. When the FPS launched in 2020, the developer revealed that it was looking to bring Valorant to consoles, but it “wasn’t the focus out of the gate,” as the PC launch obviously took priority.

It’s nearly two years removed from that comment, and we still have no further information to go on surrounding Valorant on consoles. All we know so far about Riot’s ongoing projects is that Project L, a 2D fighter starring characters from the in-game world of League of Legends, is still underway, but won’t be launching until at least 2023. We don’t know if the 2D game is coming to console platforms, so there’s no way of confirming if the now-edited job post was intended for Project L.

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