Where to find all The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Character Collectibles Mario figurines

Look out for Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Character Collectibles all over Koholint Island. There are 10 of these displayable figurines, and each one resembles a well-known Mario enemy – a nod to the fact that both this remake and the original contain enemies from Mario games that don’t appear in any other Zelda game. With every figurine placed correctly and every dungeon that the player beats, a new figurine is up for grabs in the Trendy Shop in Mabe Village. Here’s how to collect every Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Character Collectible.

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Ciao Ciao

Link's Awkening Ciao ciao

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ciao Ciao is the first figure available in the Trendy Shop. When you’ve acquired the figurine, walk to the house BowWow is barking outside of, and head in the left door. Place CiaoCiao on the table in the house.


link's awakening goomba

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Goomba is the second figurine, and is available after completing Tail Cave. After winning it, place the character in Marin and Tarin’s House, directly opposite the entrance.


link's awakening spiney

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Spiny is available after Bottle Grotto, and needs to be placed on the table in front of the beds in the northernmost house in the village, beside the Dream Shrine.


link's awakening boo

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Boo is available after finishing Key Cavern, and needs to be placed on the circular table in the northernmost house, joining Spiny.

Cheep Cheep

links awakening cheap cheap

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Available after completing Angler’s Tunnel, place the Cheep Cheep on the corner pedestal in Ulrira’s house, east of the telephone booth.


link's awakening blooper

(Image credit: Nintendo)

This inky squid can be found after finishing Catfish’s Maw, and is the second and final figurine to be placed in Ulrira’s House.

Shy Guy

link's awakening shy guy

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Available for selection after defeating Face Shrine, Shy Guy belongs in the bottom right corner of the large house in the north, where Boo and Spiny are.

Piranha Plant

link's awakening Piranha Plant

(Image credit: Nintendo)

This Mario staple can only be collected after Eagle’s Tower, and needs to be placed in Marin’s House also.


link's awakening pokey

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Pokey can only be picked up after completing the penultimate dungeon, Turtle Rock. Pokey completes the collection in the north house, and belongs on the left side of the house.

Bow Wow

link's awakening bow wow

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Bow Wow, our ever-faithful companion, is only available after the player has completed the Main Story of the game. Bow Wow naturally belongs in the house where the real one is situated.

Unfortunately, there’s no grand prize for placing all of the figurines. However, after collecting Bow Wow in the Trendy Shop, the shopkeeper awards you with a Chamber Stone, which has the Monsters+ effect (which adds more monsters to your created dungeons), and reduces the price of the Trendy Shop to 5 rupees.

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