The Division 2 February update delayed

The next two major updates for The Division 2 have been delayed.

In a post on Twitter earlier today, Ubisoft announced that in order to achieve its goal of “continuing to deliver the best The Division 2 experience” for players, it had “made the decision to delay the upcoming Apparel Event as well as the February Title update to a later date in 2022.

Agents, We have an important message from The Division 2 Development team to share today. 13, 2021

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The move is part of an attempt to “restart a more regular update schedule on The Division 2 moving forward,” building on existing content and polishing core elements of the next updates. It appears, however, that the development team will be going dark until the update is closer to release – the announcement states that Ubisoft “will be looking forward to resuming our communication closer to our new release date,” and that the testing server attached to the update will also be delayed.

It’s not entirely clear what the February update was due to include. Originally due to release in late 2021, it’s already been pushed back once, but Ubisoft has previously claimed that it’ll be one of its “most ambitious” additions to the game, and “pave the way for the future of The Division 2.” Apparel events seem to be less significant, offering players a different way to earn new items, so it’s possible that February’s event was tied closely to the larger update, so has moved with it rather than launching separately.

While next year’s big update might be delayed, there is some good news for The Division 2 players, as Title Update 14 drops today. The focus is primarily on fixing issues with the game, but there’s also a festive addition in the form of the end-of-year Hoarder, who returns to drop a weapon and mask. The Santa Hunter also returns, dropping their own mask if you kill them.

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