Marvels Midnight Suns director says his new game is “the opposite of XCOM”

The director of Marvel’s Midnight Suns has explained how his upcoming superhero game will let players feel as powerful as possible.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, game director Jake Solomon – who also led development on XCOM 2 – said that  “Midnight Suns is another step in the direction of telling the player as much as we can. Our enemies have a symbol on their flag that says ‘I am going to attack this hero next turn’. And your abilities say exactly what they’re going to do. We have one percentage [probability] element in the game, which is when you knock somebody into a hole or off a building. Everything else in Midnight Suns is very explicit. You can plan out actions in advance.”

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While XCOM 2 put humanity firmly on the back foot thanks to the power and unpredictability of your alien opponents, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will lean into your characters’ superhuman abilities. Solomon says “this wasn’t conscious, but Midnight Suns is basically the opposite of XCOM. You’re not stuck on this map with terrifying aliens – the bad guys are terrified of you. Mechanically, thematically, it’s just XCOM completely reversed.”

Firaxis will release its new turn-based RPG in March. Midnight Suns will differ from XCOM pretty significantly, thanks in no small part to its customisable protagonist. Elsewhere, there’ll be the gothic hub area, The Abbey, as well as the ability to interact and play as and with your favourite superheroes and build relationships with them outside of the main quest. 

While we wait for Midnight Sun to release in March, here are some of the best superhero games.

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