Max Payne 3 Anniversary Edition OST adds previously unreleased tracks

 Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3 official soundtrack is getting a special edition complete with previously unreleased tracks. The Anniversary Edition marks ten years since the Rockstar game was released, and you’ll be able to hear it on music streaming platforms and limited-edition vinyl later this year. 

LA noise band HEALTH composed the original soundtrack, including the absolute banger that is the track TEARS.

“When we began work on the Max Payne 3 score we could not have predicted the momentous effect it would have on the trajectory of our band and the music we make,”  the band said in a statement. “Now, 10 years on, we are still as proud as ever to be part of the story.”

If you missed it ten years ago, Max Payne 3 sees our hero a broken man, addicted to painkillers, and swapping police work for the life of a private security contractor in South America. 

“Max is a very troubled character, he struggles a lot with drinking, his past, so the score had to capture the emotional, psychological aspect and the action of Max’s character,” Ivan Pavlovich – VP of Music for Rockstar Games, said in 2013.The music for Max had to be dark, it had to be raw, and to be very identifiable.”

It’s a good time to be a Max Payne fan. Back in April Remedy Games announced that it was working on a remake of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 after making an agreement with Rockstar Games. There’s no word on whether or not Max Payne 3 might get the same treatment, but here’s hoping. 

HEALTH has a long history of collaboration with Rockstar, check out this interview with the band from 2019.

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