Metroid Dread game-breaking bug fixed

A Metroid Dread game-closing bug has now been fixed, after Nintendo previously apologized for the error.

Just yesterday on October 20, a brand new update was released for Metroid Dread, its first update since the game originally launched last week. Over on the Nintendo of America support page (opens in new tab), update 1.01 for Metroid Dread is detailed in full, where the issue that caused the game to stop running entirely has been remedied.

“Fixed an issue where, if a map marker is placed on a specific door on the map screen (the door destroyed with the beam obtained at the end of the game), destroying that door at the end of the game would cause the game to forcefully quit with the message “the software was closed because an error occurred,” the Nintendo of America website reads.

This is a relief to Metroid Dread players who have been affected by the issue, no doubt. Just last week on October 15, a matter of days after MercurySteam’s sequel first debuted on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo released the statement below through their official European Twitter account, apologizing for the issue, and pledging that it would be fixed by the end of October.

A bug has been found in #MetroidDread that can prevent players from progressing under a certain condition. A patch will be released by the end of October to fix this. We apologise for the inconvenience.Learn more, including how to avoid the bug: 15, 2021

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That’s a pretty quick turnaround time for the issue in Metroid Dread to be fixed, all things considered. If you’re only just delving into the grand return of Samus Aran for the first time, or you’re thinking about picking up MercurySteam’s sequel, head over to our complete Metroid Dread tips guide for 12 things you need to know before diving in.

Alternatively, you can check out our Metroid Dread review to see what we made of Samus Aran’s 2D return after nearly two decades away.

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