DC launches the Milestone Initiative to identify and empower Black and diverse creators

DC is looking to “identify, educate, spotlight, and empower” the next generation of Black and diverse creators in the comic book industry with the Milestone Initiative, a new program as part of the publisher’s new talent development program, Next Generation DC (NGDC), designed so that “the stories of the next century are truly reflective of the world around us.”

The program is a collaboration between DC, parent company WarnerMedia, Milestone Media, and Ally, a digital financial services company.

The Milestone Initiative was announced Friday evening in advance of Saturday’s DC Fandome by Milestone Media producer Reginald Hudlin who was a guest on TBS’s Friday Night Vibes, a movie show that combines comedies, action blockbusters, and “culturally significant storytelling inclusive of diverse voices.”

Hosted by comedians/actors Tiffany Haddish and Deon Cole, Friday Night Vibes’ Haddish and Cole interviewed Hudlin in between breaks during a double-feature of the superhero-themed Suicide Squad (opens in new tab) and Hancock (opens in new tab), both starring Will Smith.

Hudlin says that the Milestone Initiative is already taking applications by aspiring writers and artists at https://milestone.dcuniverse.com/ (opens in new tab) through Sunday, November 14.

For accepted participants, the Milestone Initiative development program includes a one-week in-person training summit in DC’s Burbank, CA offices from February 14 to February 18, 2022, where they will “make connections, create community, and begin an immersive course to help hone creative skills and better understand the comic book industry.”

The summit will be followed by an eight-week virtual at-home course where participants will receive technical training via the Dover, NJ graphic art-focused The Kubert School to “hone their storytelling skills and become part of the next wave of great comic book writers and artists.”

DC promises that after the coursework is over, it will remain in contact with participants and work with them to find comic book assignments and other work to help them develop as creators and advance their careers at DC and in the comics industry.

For much more information about the program or to submit an application visit the official website. The program will be highlighted with additional details at DC Fandome on Saturday afternoon, which was promoted during Friday Night Vibes.

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