Minecraft: The Wild update launches June 7

The Minecraft devs have confirmed that The Wild update is due to launch on June 7.

The Wild update, also known as Minecraft 1.19, will launch simultaneously across both Minecraft: Java Edition on PC and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS, Android, and (again) PC.

This update was fully unveiled at Minecon Live last year, though several of its features were originally intended for the earlier Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. Pre-release versions of 1.19 have been going up regularly for Java Edition, so if you want to take an early look at what the update will contain, you can get the download details at the official site (opens in new tab).

The Wild introduces two major new biomes. The first is known as the deep dark, which as the name suggests will appear far underground. This place challenges you to be stealthy. If you trigger a shrieker block, you’ll have to deal with an extremely deadly new enemy known as the warden – perhaps Minecraft’s most dangerous mob yet.

The other new biome is a bit more peaceful. Mangrove swamps will give you a place to harvest – naturally – mangrove trees, which will give you a new type of wood to build with. You can also dig up mud, or make it yourself using dirt and water. (Fun fact: that mud recipe also works in real life!)

We’re also getting frogs, though the devs have walked back plans for fireflies in the update. We are still getting the allay, a fan-voted mob that can help you collect items.

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