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The best Minecraft Seeds for new adventures

The best Minecraft seeds will spawn you in some favorable and interesting environments to get you started on your adventures, whether you’re looking for a challenge or to take things easy. While Minecraft worlds are infinite, the need to gather resources quickly to survive means you won’t stray too far …

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How to enchant axes in Minecraft

Knowing how to enchant axes in Minecraft will really help you optimize your wood-gathering to craft an array of useful items. Wood is a really important resource in Minecraft as it’s used for so many things, from tools, to structures that make it easy to build a house, so having …

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Everything added in the Minecraft Nether update

The Minecraft Nether update, aka 1.16, was a pretty substantial enhancement to Minecraft that made new additions to the Nether, appropriately enough, as well as various other tweaks, changes and bug fixes to add new stuff to the world and biomes within. Obviously there’s been more added to Minecraft since …

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