Moon Girl meets the X-Men in August

Lunella Lafayette, the young hero known as Moon Girl, companion of Devil Dinosaur and one of the smartest people in the entire Marvel Universe, is returning to the spotlight in a new series of one-shots teaming her up with other heroes from the Marvel Universe.

Avengers and Moon Girl #1

Avengers and Moon Girl #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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The whole adventure kicks off with a good old fashioned Spider-Man team-up in Miles Morales and Moon Girl #1 from writer Mohale Mishigo and artist Ig Guara, in which Lunella and Devil Dinosaur will find themselves hanging out alongside the younger Spidey to kick off a “grand tour of the Marvel Universe.” 

Then in July, Lunella teams up to save the world with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers and Moon Girl #1, written by Mishigo with art by Diogenes Neves.

After her team-up with Spider-Man searching Brooklyn for the missing Devil Dinosaur, who is still missing in Avengers and Moon Girl, the Avengers discover “rogue dinosaur activity” they call on her for help. Lunella and a “wonky Devil clone” then join the team on an adventure from “Wakanda to the moon!”

X-Men & Moon Girl #1

X-Men & Moon Girl #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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 Then in August, the series of one-shots wraps up with X-Men & Moon Girl #1 in a story that pits Lunella and Marvel’s mutants against the High Evolutionary in a story by Mashigo and artist David Cutler.

Devil Dinosaur was kidnapped by the High Evolutionary, but when Luella is reunited with her dino-friend with the help of Captain Marvel her psychic connection with DD is broken. Moon Girl teams up with Wolverine to chase the High Evolutionary to Counter-Earth to fix the problem. 

All the one-shots lead to the previously teased new Moon Girl ongoing title, the details of which are still under wraps.

“Writing Moon Girl is a dream come true,” Mashigo states in the announcement. “Lunella is fun, quirky, smart, and full of energy. I’ve enjoyed seeing her get out of her comfort zone and shine even brighter.”

Miles Morales and Moon Girl #1

Miles Morales and Moon Girl #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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A new Moon Girl title was previously announced as one of eight new ‘tentpole’ series planned by Marvel as major releases throughout 2022, some of which have already begun or been solicited – though the announcement of the Moon Girl one-shots is the first movement toward her new title since it was first announced.

At the same time, a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated show is in the works for the Disney Channel as part of an expansion of Marvel characters on TV that has encompassed animation, live-action, and other media.

Miles Morales and Moon Girl #1 goes on sale June 1 with covers from Alitha Martinez and Peach Momoko.  Avengers & Moon Girl #1 goes on sale July 13 with covers by Martinez and Jahnoy Lindsay. 

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Have yourself an adventure of your own and pop on over to your local comic shop for the new Moon Girl one-shots.

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