Moss: Book 2 developer announces Spring 2022 release date

Moss: Book 2, the sequel to VR puzzle game Moss from 2018, has a Spring 2022 release date.

Originally revealed during July’s PlayStation State of Play, Moss: Book 2 builds upon the story told in the first game. In the sequel, Quill – having rescued her uncle Argus in the previous game – continues her journey after discovering that she is being hunted by a winged tyrant from the hexed castle where her uncle was previously held captive. 

So far all we’ve seen of Moss: Book 2 is the trailer shown at the PlayStation State of Play which featured the adorable mouse protagonist as she slays beetles and what looks like some kind of robot threat with her tiny, mouse sized, sword. Just like the first game, we’re sure its sequel is guaranteed to feature a tonne of challenging puzzles for Quill to solve in a mix of third and first-person perspectives with the use of a PSVR headset.

We previously spoke with Moss developer Polyarc and according to design director Josh Stiksma, Quill will have more ways to progress in the 2018 follow up game. According to Stiksma “We heard feedback from players that they really liked the idea of progression and having Quill get stronger,” this idea apparently lead to the team giving Quill a giant hammer, as Stiksma explained: “it’s just, frankly, quite amazing just to see a little tiny mouse hold a giant hammer. And our animators did such a great job. It’s truly inspiring to see. The way that the weight transfers around is just so cool.”

Although we still haven’t got an exact release date for this highly anticipated title yet, it’s still exciting to know that we may only be waiting a few short months to dive back into Quill and Argus’ world in Spring 2022.

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