MTG Double Masters 2022 card reveal

The weekend is knocking, so let’s ring it in properly with an MTG Double Masters card preview, shall we? Featuring the return of some old faces from one of the best card games, the 2022 set brings twonlong-in-the-tooth favorites back into modern Magic: The Gathering.

First up is Domestication, a card that originally hit shelves back in 2010 with Rise of Eldrazi. This four-drop allows you to enchant a creature to take control of it. However, if its power reaches four or more at your end step, the enchantment is sacrificed and your creature returns to its original controller.

Next is a slightly older MTG classic – the Kederekt Leviathan. First seen in the mists of 2008, this card completely levels the playing field. More specifically, it “returns all other nonland permanents to their owners’ hands” when entering the battlefield. It also has the ‘Unearth’ ability that returns the card to the battlefield from your graveyard, albeit with ‘haste’. It then gets exiled at the beginning of the next end step.

Magic: The Gathering Double Masters 2022 card previews

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

MTG Double Masters 2022 features the return of some old favorites with reprints and borderless cards. Each booster pack also has two rare and/or mythic rare cards, plus two foil cards. While the preview above doesn’t, we’ve been reliably informed that many reprints are sporting new artwork as well.

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