New Arcade Paradise trailer gives a closer look at its collection of 8-bit titles

Arcade management game Arcade Paradise has a new trailer, offering a closer look at some of the games you’ll be able to stock your 8-bit haven with.

The new trailer runs through the collection of more than 30 cabinets with which you’ll be able to stock your illicit arcade, hidden in the back of your father’s laundromat. Paying homage to three decades of gaming, from the early vector driven days to the technological marvels of 32-bit graphics and full 3D gameplay.

The video pays particularly close attention to a handful of games that sound almost as though they might have been real arcade classics. There’s 2D fighter Knuckles and Knees, top-down shooter Zombat 2, Bejeweled-esque Woodgals Adventure, bullet hell Vostok 2093, and high-speed driving game Racer Chaser, which looks like it owes more than a little to Pacman. You can play all of those games, however, setting your own high-scores, and even playing in up to four-player co-op.

The new trailer also sees the return of a voice that’s likely to prove familiar. As well as appearing in the new trailer, Doug Cockle will be the voice of your laundromat owning father, Gerald, who’s handed the keys to the family business over to you while he’s away on the Riviera.

Arcade Paradise is set to release on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022.

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