Saints Row reboot: everything we know

Saints Row is rebooting the series later this summer with the brand-new open world of Santo Ileso. Don’t worry, the chaos and crime will still be there, but with a more “measured” approach, according to a recent interview GamesRadar had with Saints Row devs. Saints Row is clearly trying to adapt to the times, and doing that means abandoning its original cast and letting players build their own characters to take part in the chaos.  

As one of the only real solid alternatives to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and with GTA 6 likely far, far down the road, Saints Row is in a unique position to slot into a gap in the market when it drops later this summer. Saints Row will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in August, so this may just be the game of the late summer. 

We’ve gathered as much info as we possibly could about Saints Row here, so read on.

Saints Row release date

Saints Row

(Image credit: Volition)

Saints Row was originally set to be released on February 25, 2022, but the Saints Row delay has now seen it move to August 23, 2022. Don’t worry – if you haven’t upgraded to the new generation of consoles by then you won’t get left out, the game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PC. 

You can read our first look preview here.

Saints Row reveal trailer

Developer Volition dropped the reveal trailer for Saints Row at Gamescom 2021, showing off your new gang, the crazy mix of vehicles and weapons you’ll get to play with, and introducing the three buddies that will join you to form the new Saints gang. As always, the player character you see in the trailer is just a suggestion, your hero is customizable so you can make them as weird and wonderful as you want. 

The trailer also gives you a chance to see your new criminal playground, Santo Ileso. Inspired by the American southwest, it has nine different districts, each with its own distinct flavor. 

Saints Row story and characters

The new Saints Row introduces a brand new cast of characters. You play the role of the boss, bringing the different gang members together to form your own criminal alliance. Your character is customizable, with lots of options to craft a hot look, and you’re joined by a motley crew of misfits.

Saints Row

(Image credit: Volition)

There’s Eli, the nerdy kid who is all strategy and planning. “Eli is an MBA who came to Santo Ileso in order to make his fortune as an entrepreneur, to build a business for himself. He just didn’t quite realize that the business he was going to build was a criminal empire,” said Jeremy Bernstein, Volition’s lead on mission narrative.

Neenah the mechanic is a former member of the Los Panteros faction, now she drives for you. Her real passion is art. “As she comes into the group, her journey of wanting to work for herself, instead of working for someone else is what brings her into this core of the Saints,” said Bernstein.

You’re either going to love or hate Kevin, formerly of the Idols criminal faction, who is brash and definitely looks like someone who would have a pranking TikTok account. “Kevin is a DJ. He is a people pleaser. He loves people, he loves his friends, he’d do anything for them. He’s also a bit of a thrill seeker and he grew up in foster care. He’s always looking for somewhere that he can belong.”

As you and your gang make your mark on the world, you’ll face three other criminal factions. “Santo Ileso is currently under the control of three separate but equally threatening gangs,” explained associate art director Stephen Quirk.

“We have a return to the triple threat, it’s the golden formula where three brand new very distinct, very different factions that stand between the Saints and ultimate control of Santo Ileso.”

There’s the Los Panteros who hang out at the Scorpion Motors Factory and favor heavy weaponry and melee attacks. The Idols, meanwhile, are the party faction and obsessed with notoriety. They’ll try to overwhelm you with sheer numbers. Finally there’s Marshall Defense Industries, a private military conglomerate that has advanced weapons and lots of cash.

Saints Row character customization 

Saints Row character customization is really stepping it up, with lots of options and attention to detail. Happily, alongside outlandish options that play around with the fun-spirited vibes of Saints Row, there are also lots of inclusive features so you can really craft your character however you wish. You can take a lot at some of the many ways you can customize your Saint in the video above, from the clothes they wear to the weapons they wield and more.  

Saints Row setting

Saints Row

(Image credit: Volition)

“Our inspiration for Santo Ileso was the American Southwest,” revealed creative director Brian Traficante. “One of the most iconic, colorful regions in the United States. A Southern expanse that is rich in color and silhouettes and iconic imagery that we used and fused into one of the largest cities that we ever built for a Volition Saints Row game.”

The city is split into nine different territories, each with a different feel. Monte Vista is all pools and fancy houses, El Dorado is like a mini Vegas. The Rodeo District is the home of the rich and famous, and Rancho Providencia is the home of the Los Panteros. 

” The history of this region has permeated into so much of our world and created something that you’ll never have seen before. We’re taking you to an area rich and unique in games. And so all this is surrounded by the beautiful Southwest playground full of mystery and wonderful Saints Row things for you to find. With landmarks to gaze at, dirt tracks and ridges to jump off and tons of opportunities for sandbox fun. Our world is built for players. It’s a core principle of ours that everything should deliver gratifying fun.” 

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