New Sea of Thieves adventure The Shrouded Deep is all about the elusive Shrouded Ghost

Sea of Thieves’ latest adventure is taking players into the Shrouded Deep. 

When the third limited-time story event drops,  players will come face to face with the Shrouded Ghost, a ferocious sea monster that’s been elusive ever since the game debuted four years ago. 

This massive megalodon is one of the fiercest baddies you’ll come across out of five unique monsters. Megalodons can be found randomly, and you’ll generally come across one every few hours if you do a lot of sailing. You’ll know the Shrouded Ghost when it appears, however, thanks to its ghostly, pale white skin. If you ever do see it, that is. 

We’re going on a Meg hunt!Work alongside Merrick, Belle and other pirates to summon the Shrouded Ghost and recover a powerful artefact in the next Sea of Thieves Adventure, ‘The Shrouded Deep’! See the pale beast for yourself from April 21st to May 12th. 18, 2022

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Few players have actually happened upon the Ghost, which is why it’s interesting that this story chapter revolves around the shark itself. It’s an incredibly rare find, and in Adventure 3, players can team up with shark hunter Merrick in a bid to summon the beast to see it for themselves. 

It’s unclear how Merrick is going to pinpoint this huge shark, but that’s the fun of the event, after all. It’s a three-week adventure that will run from April 21 through May 12. It’s also one of the longest, as it adds an entire week to the previous timeframes both prior Adventures took up. 

If you’re ready for some serious swashbuckling, you’ll want to prepare by doing a little sailing the high seas (and shark hunting) before the event drops. It’s going to be a challenging fight, most likely, if you do happen to go up against the Shrouded Ghost. And just think, if you win, there’s more than likely plenty of Shrouded Ghost-themed loot and cosmetics in it for your trouble. 

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