Nightingale reveals more on the Realm Cards youll use to explore its Victorian fantasy world

Nightingale revealed more information about its realm portals in a new Future Games Show Powered by Mana developer presentation. These portals are vital to Nightingale’s magical gaslamp fantasy world monster hunting, resource gathering, and crafting, and CEO of Inflection Games, Aaryn Flynn, told us more about how it all works. 

The premise of Nightingale is that you play a Victorian-styled explorer lost in the realms of the fae (hence that ‘gaslamp fantasy’ tag). Trapped by an unstable network of portals, you now can’t go home, only deeper into the magical lands you must now call home. That means surviving against local monsters and magical creatures, while gathering the resources you need to craft shelter, equipment, weapons, and more. 

While the portals have you trapped you can use them to explore and gather vital resources by crafting Realm Cards. These cards will then let you open up pathways between portals to access new areas once you have some. To make them you’ll need to find and gather a range of magical and exotic materials. Once you’ve got what you need you can craft and adapt the results to create modifiers that will affect the destinations you can find – these modifiers might let you access realms with more creatures, certain resources, even different weather, times of day, and so on. 

You can combine cards and modifiers as well to effectively fine-tune where you’re going according to your wants and needs. So, if you need a certain resource, or want to hunt specific creatures, or just want to see an environment you’ve not visited before, you can craft and combine Realm Cards to influence your eventual destination. 

How you use this power is up to you as you use what you find to build the tools, gear, and weapons you need to survive. The further in you get you’ll be able to make farms, estates and even entire communities in a shared world with other players. To find out more you can check Nightingale’s website (opens in new tab)or Steam page (opens in new tab), or keep up to date with the latest on Twitter (opens in new tab).  

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