CD Projekt suspends digital games and merch sales in Russia and Belarus

CD Projekt Red is suspending all sales of games in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.

The company announced the halt of all sales in the two nations earlier today on March 3. You can see the full statement via the CD Projekt Red official Twitter account just below, in which the company has decided to suspend digital game sales, the GOG digital storefront, and other CD Projekt Red-related products in Russia and Belarus until further notice. 3, 2022

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“We know that players in Russia and Belarus, individuals who have nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine, will be impacted by this decision,” the statement reads. “But with this action we wish to further galvanize the global community to speak about what is going on in the heart of Europe. To our brothers and sisters fighting for their home country — stay strong!”

This follows after Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov called on both PlayStation and Xbox to immediately suspend accounts and sales in both Russia and Belarus. Like the CD Projekt Red initiative now though, the request from Fedorov was only for a temporary suspension, but it remains to be seen whether either company will respond at all.

One indie game studio is bundling together indie games in an effort to raise money for both the International Medical Corp and Voices of Children charities. The bundle isn’t live right yet, but now that submissions have closed, it’ll be opening up for sale next week on Monday, March 7.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine, consider donating to The Ukrainian Red Cross (opens in new tab), which is providing vital aid on the ground; Doctors Without Borders (opens in new tab), which is working with local volunteers and healthcare professionals; and The Kyiv Independent (opens in new tab), a Ukraine-based English-language newspaper which is keeping the world informed on what’s happening on the ground.

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