Nintendo Switch Sports datamine suggests more minigames are on the way

It looks like Nintendo Switch Sports could include additional minigames, according to a recent datamine.

According to Twitter user @Wipeoutjack7 (via @Paniaal), the Wii Sports successor may also be adding basketball and dodgeball. There are snippets mined from Nintendo Switch Sports that suggest the inclusion of both games, with online and offline versions of dodgeball. However, there’s no indication whether these will be unlocked later or added as some sort of future DLC. 

In the first Nintendo Switch Sports trailer during February 9’s Nintendo Direct, we got our first glimpse at the six games that would be included upon launch. Three are returning from previous installments: tennis, bowling, and Chambara (kendo), while soccer, volleyball, and badminton are new to the series. Initially, golf was also confirmed as the seventh sport, to be added later as a free update.

Another interesting thing found while datamining Switch Sports, the game references both “Basketball” and “Dodgeball” alongside the other playable sports. Could very well just be scrapped content, but mayyybe a potential future update? 2, 2022

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Interestingly, Twitter user @OatmealDome suggested that the code may exist in terms of text, but apparently, the data to go with it doesn’t actually exist within the game. It’s unclear at this point whether these sports were originally in the game and eventually removed, or if they’re still going to make an appearance. 

Nintendo Switch Sports is the third main entry in the Wii Sports series, and it will use Joy-Con controllers in ways similar to those on the Wii and Wii U. It’ll also include new avatars called “Sportsmates” that players can customize in addition to their Miis in each minigame. They’re much more detailed than their Mii counterparts, with plenty of ways to customize them. 

As far as new sports coming to the game goes, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Nintendo Switch Sports is set to debut on April 29, 2022.  

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