You can now eat the Elden Ring thanks to this limited-edition candy

Trolli and Bandai Namco have joined forces to forge the ultimate treat: Sweet Peachie Elden Rings.

The candy company responsible for the delicously tangy sweet Sour Brite Crawlers debuted its bespoke Elden Ring-themed delicacy via Twitter to uproarious fan response. 

Based on the regular Trolli Peachie O’s candies, the Elden Rings likely have the same flavor profile: a “sweet peach” coated in “tangy sweet sugary goodness.” They’re just imbued with a little grace, and they may or may not come blessed by the Erdtree.

We have searched The Lands Between with our delicious sour gummi bodies and have found these Sweet Peachie Elden Rings. For the sake of all the Tarnished, we will devour them with great speed! #ELDENRING @ELDENRING 1, 2022

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The packaging is hilarious, featuring a Tarnished leaning their body weight into their sword, stabbing a peach candy. The limited edition snack would be the perfect companion for a night in playing Elden Ring…if you could actually buy it.

Hey non-worm friend! These packs are not for sale. We created a limited number of packs to celebrate the Elden Ring release!March 1, 2022

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After sharing the Elden Ring-themed bag of candy, Trolli clarified to Twitter user @flapjack626 that the treats aren’t actually for sale. In fact, only a few were made in celebration of FromSoftware’s latest title. The folks who had the pleasure of scarfing them down aren’t stepping forward to let us know if any are left, either. 

So while this collaboration seems like a match made in heaven, unfortunately it’s only available for the lucky folks who put the concept together for now. Sure, it might have been only slightly better for you than these dubious hugs, but a little sugar here and there is fine in moderation, right?

Elden Ring certainly has people talking. Since its debut on February 25, it’s attracted players of all stripes into its austere world. Teeming with challenging combat, a ridiculously wide array of things to see and do, and some of the most intriguing sights we’ve seen in a Soulsborne game, it’s a world well worth jumping into, as noted in our review.

Hungry for more of the Lands Between? Check out our expansive Elden Ring guide on your path to becoming the Elden Lord.

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