No Mans Sky is getting a “remastered” PS5 edition with all 20 updates on one disc

A new physical release for the PS5 version of No Man’s Sky is on the way, collecting all 20 updates onto a single disc.

“The PlayStation 5 physical version will include a remastered disc containing all 20 updates, and is a great place for people to jump into the game,” Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray says in a press release. “This is the first time since the Beyond launch in 2019 that you could buy a copy of No Man’s Sky in the shops. The box of that version boasted ‘contains all seven major updates.’ The fact that we are just about to hit our 20th free update is a reminder of how busy we’ve been in the last three years!”

The new PS5 edition will launch on October 7, 2022, right alongside the Switch version.

While this is described as a “remastered” release in the press materials, it’s unclear whether there will be any additional PS5-specific updates. No Man’s Sky already got a free next-gen update alongside the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Still, for collectors, getting the entire No Man’s Sky package on a single disc is a tantalizing proposition. The best part of No Man’s Sky has been its frequent post-launch updates, but for folks who prefer to keep their games on disc, there’s an intimidating download waiting every time you grab it off the shelf. This package will, at a minimum, immortalize a snapshot of No Man’s Sky as it exists in 2022.

There are plenty more games like No Man’s Sky to scratch your space exploration itch.

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