Overwatch players think that Junker Queen’s model doesn’t suit her Tank status

Several Overwatch fans think that Junker Queen’s model needs a few adjustments as her appearance doesn’t suit her Tank status. 

As highlighted in a post on the Overwatch subreddit (opens in new tab), some fans have a few minor complaints about Junker Queen’s character model. The topic came about after one fan took it upon themselves to alter the character’s proportions to make her look more “like a Tank”, a role within the FPS game that requires players to be on the front line during battle. 

It isn’t hard to see what changes have been made to Junker Queen by the Overwatch fan, mainly the character’s waist, hips, shoulders, and legs have all been widened which makes her look much stronger when compared to the original model. Her arms have also been slightly extended, as someone in the comments of the post pointed out (opens in new tab): “She has T-rex arms.”

i_fixed_junker_queen_to_look_like_a_tank_how_she from r/Overwatch

Edits aside, the post has started a conversation among Overwatch players about flaws in the character’s design. Many fans have pointed out (opens in new tab) that despite her role within the game, Junker Queen’s model is “really wrong for a Tank.” Others have elaborated on this by also saying that the character is  “too thin” and, again, “very misleading for a Tank.”

Others have been more specific with their criticism, for example, another player has explained that Junker Queen’s model lacks contrast and that because of this: “It feels like her entire model has a slight shadow in-game.” The comment continues, “I’ll see her walking through in bright sunlight and it’s really difficult to make out the colors on her body, leaving her to appear as a 2D silhouette of a general female figure.”

Continuing on from this point, many others in the comments said that they often mistake Junker Queen for fellow Overwatch characters Sojourn, Pharah, or Ashe in the heat of the moment due to the character struggling to stand out. 

One thing that does make Junker Queen stand out though is the fact that she’s officially 7 feet tall. A fact that we fear will result in the same chaos we had when Resident Evil Village introduced the internet to Lady Dimitrescu last year. 

Want to try out playing as Junker Queen now? Find out how what we thought about the character with our Overwatch 2 beta Junker Queen impressions

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