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The Pokemon Go Holiday Cup is a new battle format for the PVP mode to celebrate the holiday season, with brand new restrictions to give trainers a challenge. The Holiday Cup allows only Grass, Ghost, Electric, Flying, Ice or Normal-type Pokemon. The Pokemon on your team can only have 1500 CP or lower. As long as your Pokemon Go team meets those requirements, you can participate in the competition. 

Trainers who are adept at battling in the Great League, which has the same CP limit, will know some of the best Pokemon to use as well as which Pokemon to look out for. Starting Thursday, December 16 until December 31 trainers can participate in the Holiday Cup and these are the best Pokemon to use.

Alolan Marowak

Pokemon Go Holiday Cup

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Fire/Ghost
Weaknesses: Ghost, Dark, Water, Ground, Rock
Moveset: Fire Spin (Fast), Bone Club, Shadow Bone (Charged)

Alolan Marowak is a unique Pokemon to use in the Holiday Cup. Its Fire attacks, especially Fire Spin, will deal super effective damage against Grass, Steel and Ice types and charge up its move gauge super fast. Its typing will also resist Fairy attacks from Wigglytuff.

Any Skarmory you encounter will have a very hard time dealing with Marowak, but trainers have plenty of Pokemon to worry about. Water types like Lanturn and Rock types like Alolan Graveler will give it problems, although Marowak’s Bone Club attack gives it a bit of coverage against them. 


Pokemon Go Holiday Cup

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Dragon/Flying
Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice, Fairy
Moveset: Dragon Breath (Fast), Sky Attack, Dazzling Gleam (Charged)

Altaria’s typing makes it a tough Pokemon to take down unless you’re going up against an Ice type or Wigglytuff. There won’t be many Pokemon Altaria’s attacks will be super effective against, unless you’re taking on another Dragon-type, but it’s all about dealing plenty of damage and outlasting your opponent. 


Pokemon Go Holiday Cup

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Fire/Flying
Weaknesses: Water, Rock, Electric
Moveset: Incinerate (Fast), Flame Charge, Brave Bird (Charged)

Talonflame’s typing will do well against Grass and Ice types in this format. However, it’s main use is to take on Skarmory and tank attacks against Wigglytuff. While there will be Pokemon like Alolan Graveler that can stand in its way, the combination of Incinerate and Brave Bird will deal massive damage to any Pokemon that doesn’t resist them. 


Type: Normal/Flying
Weaknesses: Steel, Poison
Moveset: Charm (Fast), Ice Beam, Play Rough (Charged)

Anyone playing in the Great League knows that Charm is one of the best moves in Pokemon Go. Usually, trainers would use Azumarill for this but it’s not allowed in this format. Enter Wigglytuff.

Wigglytuff will hit anything with plenty of damage unless it’s Skarmory or Alolan Marowak while outlasting any attacker because of its bulk. Ice Beam is a good coverage move to hit Skarmory, Wigglytuff’s best counter, neutrally and Play Rough is a stronger Fairy attack to finish off Dragon types like Altaria.  


Pokemon Go Holiday Cup

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Dark/Normal
Weaknesses: Fairy, Fighting
Moveset: Counter (Fast), Night Slash, Cross Chop (Charged) 

Obstagoon is a great Pokemon to use because of the variety of moves it can learn. Counter is one of the best Fast attacks in the game and will hit Pokemon like Alolan Graveler super effectively and is only resisted by Fairy and Ghost types. Night Slash will take care of any pesky Ghost types like Alolan Marowak while Cross Chop gives Obstagoon a stronger option to take out Wigglytuff since it hits it neutrally. 

Although it has options to take out Wigglytuff, Obstagoon’s Dark typing does make it weak to Fairy-type moves so try and avoid it if you can. 


Pokemon Go Holiday Cup

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Steel/Flying
Weaknesses: Fire, Electric
Moveset: Steel Wing (Fast), Sky Attack, Flash Cannon (Charged)

A staple of the Great Ball League, Skarmory is a fantastic Pokemon that is used to outlast many Pokemon. It’s the best Fairy counter in the game so if you’re expecting a Wigglytuff, bring a Skarmory to your team. 

Alolan Graveler and Fire types like Alolan Marowak will give Skarmory a problem, but there’s more Pokemon that will have a hard time damaging it than hitting it super effectively. 

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