TemTem adds a new island with over 30 new Tems to catch

There’s a big new TemTem update out now that adds a new island, over 30 new Tems to add to your collection, and more than 30 new techniques to learn.

The Arbury Island update adds the titular ancient forest as TemTem’s final new island, kicking off the “Arbury cycle” of updates and ushering in the conclusion of the game’s main story and campaign almost two years after it launched.

Arbury is divided into two main cities, Lochburg and Properton, and each one is littered with different types of Tems. Lochburg, with its hands-on combat philosophy, is home to melee-type Tems, while Properton favors a more intellectual approach with its ecosystem of mental-type Tems. Each city also has its own dojo you’ll need to battle your way through if you mean to put an end to the Belsoto clan once and for all.

In total, there are 31 new Tems in Arbury Island, and if you catch them all you’ll have completed your Temepedia (provided you’ve caught all of the Tems from previous islands). And naturally with new Tems also comes new traits, new gear, and new techniques to acquire. 

For now, studio Crema says (opens in new tab) Arbury Island is the last of TemTem’s new islands, but we’ll still be getting smaller features like mounts and Dojo Wars, as well as endgame activities, bug fixes, and improvements. The studio also says this is “likely” the last batch of new Tems aside from the third Mythical Tem, which will be added “later in the future.”

Today’s massive patch also includes Kudos, TemTem’s take on achievements, as well as a laundry list of performance improvements, bug fixes, and balancing updates – you can check out every last little change with the full patch notes (opens in new tab). As for what’s next, Crema says the game is still in development and that significant updates are in the works, including Switch and Xbox Series X/S ports.

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