Xbox 20th anniversary edition accessories include a see-through black controller and headset

The Xbox 20th anniversary special edition controller and stereo headset have been revealed, and they’re a proper black-and-green tribute to the Xbox that started it all.

The pair of official new accessories were officially revealed on the official Xbox Wire news site (opens in new tab) after the controller leaked on retailers (as spotted by Wario64 (opens in new tab)). False start aside, their transparent black and neon green designs give them a distinctive look that pays tribute to the original Xbox while still feeling like a modern gaming accessory.

Xbox 20th anniversary edition controller

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The controller’s front plate is made of a dark, transparent plastic, and its internal components are colored silver to help all the little details inside stand out through the heavy tint. The Xbox green shines through on the Xbox button at the top of the controller, as well as the rear grips and a ring of color set around the D-pad.

On top of all the standard new-gen Xbox controller features, the 20th anniversary special edition model will also grant you an exclusive dynamic background when connected to your Xbox Series X and S. You can even sync it up to friends’ consoles so they can use it too, but the background will go away if they (or you) pick a different one. You’ll have to connect the controller again to get it back.

Xbox 20th anniversary edition stereo headset

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The accompanying 20th anniversary headset doesn’t bestow any special features for your console, but it does have cool transparent black side discs with neon green accents, and all the usual trimmings for the latest generation of Xbox Stereo Headset. Both the headset (opens in new tab) and the controller (opens in new tab) are available for pre-order on the Microsoft store now for $69.99 / £59.99 each, and they’ll be released on November 15 (which is Xbox’s actual 20th anniversary).

A 20th anniversary Xbox and Adidas collaboration means you can go all green and black on your feet too. 

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