Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan outlines clues that point to a new region based on Spain

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans think the Gen 9 region could be based on Spain, and one Twitter user has been brekaing down all the hints towards the upcoming game’s location from the announcement trailer. 

According to Antonio Demico (opens in new tab) on Twitter, who shared a thread highlighting all the subtle references to Spain in the new Pokemon game’s trailer, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is “absolutely” set in a Spanish town. Of course, neither The Pokemon Company nor Game Freak has officially confirmed this yet, however, Antonio’s thread makes a very good argument for that being the case. 

A Spaniard (me) explains all the cultural references of the new Pokemon game set in Spain.Or at least the ones I can find.Let’s go!Thread 🧵 #scarletviolet #PokemonFebruary 27, 2022

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Antonio’s thread goes into so much detail that we suggest you read through it all for yourself, but here are some of the key points. First of all, Antonio points out that there is a map of Spain during the live-action segment of the new trailer. They also add that they expect this will work similarly to Kalos from Pokemon X and Y which was inspired by a section of France. 

The Pokemon fan then goes on to explain how two of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters make reference to the Spanish language. The new trio is made up of grass type Sprigatito, fire type Fuecoco, and water type Quaxly. According to Antonio, Sprigatito makes reference to the Spanish word for kitten, which is “gatito”, and Fuecoco is a portmanteau of “fuego”, the Spanish word for fire. As for Quaxly, it’s clear the Donald Duck looking starter Pokemon’s name is just a reference to the noise a duck makes.

The rest of the thread talks about references to traditional Spanish ceramics, the famous Spanish tale of Don Quixote, and iconic Spanish architecture. As we said earlier, if you want to know more of what Antonio spotted in the trailer, check out the thread in full. 

We now know the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date, thanks to a new trailer!

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