Elden Ring Pot Boy apparently renamed as Pot Friend

Elden Ring’s beloved Pot Boy has seemingly been renamed as Pot Friend – and Bandai Namco is giving away a replica of the character.

Just yesterday, Bandai Namco’s US Twitter account posted the tweet below, announcing a giveaway involving a special branded Elden Ring headset and mouse pad. More important than any simple hardware options, however, this giveaway also rewards lucky winners with their very own miniature figurine of Pot Friend, the sentient ceramic that’s shown up in previous gameplay showcases.

Only a few Tarnished will emerge victorious. Reminder, enter the @ELDENRING giveaway for a chance to win: https://t.co/QDpV4TfoYMGiveaway runs until 3/11 at 11:59pm PST. Ages 18+ and US only. pic.twitter.com/8OpGsMa4jDFebruary 16, 2022

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“Pot Friend” comes as quite the shock, however, as the internet has already dubbed the weird and wonderful mascot “Pot Boy.” The character first debuted in Elden Ring gameplay footage last year, and the entire community has been absolutely head over heels for him ever since – and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t they be?

Pot Friend is just one bridge we can’t cross, Bandai Namco. We look forward to meeting the character otherwise known as Alexander in Elden Ring for ourselves, and when we do, we’ll still be calling him Pot Boy. 

Unfortunately, if you wanted to get your hands on the “Pot Friend” replica but you live outside America, you’re straight out of luck, as the giveaway is limited to US entrants only. Here’s hoping Bandai Namco holds a similar giveaway for other territories around the world.

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