Pre-order Sony INZONE PS5 monitors – reserve your new console screen today

Sony has announced some gaming screens aimed squarely at PS5 and PC users, and here’s how you can pre-order the Sony INZONE gaming monitors.

As of right now, there are two INZONE monitors that have been announced, and they are both in keeping with the design aesthetic of the PlayStation 5 consoles; symphonies in black and white. The Sony INZONE and INZONE M9 have arrived and they look the part. We should say right off the bat that only the M9 is currently available to pre-order (for $899.99/£999) with a release date of August 18, 2022. We don’t have a price for the M3 and we only have a ‘winter 2022’ release window (we’d expect the M3 to be cheaper as all 1080p monitors are compared to 4K gaming monitors). Also, retailers are being slow-ish to roll out their Sony INZONE monitor pre-order listing pages so be sure to check back as we’ll be updating this page whenever we get wind of more going live – in the meantime, we have whipped up the best quick links and info on this page that is currently available.

These monitors look to be stuffed with gaming features and specs and aimed squarely at the best gaming monitor market – considering Sony makes some of the best gaming TVs and TVs for PS5, this venture is an exciting one.

The INZONE M3 and the INZONE M9 both have very different specs and are pointing toward different ends of the monitor spectrum. The M9 is a 4K 144Hz 27-inch panel that’s perfect for the PS5 and high-fidelity PC gaming, whereas the M3 is a 1080p 240Hz screen aimed predominantly at those who value speed above all else. Be sure to keep this in mind when looking to place your Sony INZONE monitor pre-order.

Much like the Sony INZONE headset pre-orders we’vecollated quick links and info below to get you going to the right places, right now.

Pre-order Sony INZONE monitors – USA

Pre-order Sony INZONE monitors – UK

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Sony INZONE M9 4K gaming monitor | $899.99/£999
What is sure to be at the top of many folks’ PS5 monitor wishlists, the M9 gaming monitor crams all the high-end specs you could want into a 4K monitor – the result is something that’s a perfect PS5 companion as well as capable of some fast and detailed PC gaming.

USA check pre-orders at: Sony (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab)

UK check pre-orders at: Sony (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Sony INZONE M3 1080p gaming monitor | $tbc/£tbc
The 1080p M3 is aimed directly at gamers who are happy at a Full HD resolution but desire high framerates and speedy, smooth pictures at all costs. We’d expect this one to come in cheaper than the M9.

USA check pre-orders at: Sony (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab)

UK check pre-orders at: Sony (opens in new tab) | Amazon (opens in new tab)

Sony INZONE monitor specs

To give you a clearer picture of what’s going on inside these new monitors and which one is likely to be best for you, we’ve laid out some information on the specs as we know them so far.

Sony INZONE monitors – Spec list INZONE M3INZONE M9Screen size27-inch27-inchAspect ratio16:916:9ResolutionFull HD/1080pUHD/4KPanel typeIPSIPSRefresh rate240Hz144HzResponse time1ms1msHDRDisplayHDR 400DisplayHDR 600Screen techG-Sync compatibleG-Sync compatible

Which Sony INZONE monitor should you buy?

Looking at the INZONE monitor specs, there is a clear divide in what’s on offer – and a line which many folks will find themselves on relatively easily depending on their own needs and preferences. 

As it stands, naturally, you can only pre-order one Sony INZONE PS5 monitor which rather limits the options in terms of actions one can actually take. However, we can still hypothesise and discuss which is best for you based on the specs above.

And that is to say, if you prefer visual fidelity through greater resolutions on your gaming screens then the M9 is definitely the monitor for you. Its greater resolution and greater HDR rating too are going to be clinchers. Plus it’s still fast! A 144Hz refresh rate is great for a 4K monitor, which allows the PS5 to max out its offerings, and, if your PC has got the chop, allows for excellently smooth games.

However, if you do prefer blistering speeds and aren’t too worried about the top-tier resolution, then the M3 is for you. 1080p is still good for presenting an enjoyable picture, while a refresh rate of 240Hz is going to offer some of the most buttery smooth pictures. And while we don’t know for sure, the M3 with these specs is likely to come in a lot cheaper than the M9.

Naturally, another option is to simply wait and see – there is a neat gap between the M3 and M9 for a 1440p monitor to appear (and maybe bring with it the PS5’s support 1440p resolutions?) which could then hit that sweet spot of balancing speed and visual fidelity.

However, if you’re looking for a PS5 monitor for the here and now, check out some of these options with their latest and lowest prices wherever you are right now.

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