PSVR 2 partners with veteran tech firm for eye tracking technology

PlayStation VR 2 is recruiting a veteran eye tracking technology company to be its official partner.

That tech company would be Tobii, which announced in a press release (opens in new tab) on July 1 that it had been selected by Sony to partner for the PSVR 2 headset. Going forward, Tobii will be the sole eye tracking technology partner for the forthcoming new-gen virtual reality headset.

“PlayStation VR2 establishes a new baseline for immersive virtual reality (VR) entertainment and will enable millions of users across the world to experience the power of eye tracking,” said Anand Srivatsa, Tobii CEO. The deal could equate to more than 10% of Tobii’s revenue for the whole of 2022, it’s claimed.

This news makes Tobii the first outside firm Sony has officially partnered with for the new PSVR 2 headset. Up until now, we’ve heard a slate of technological details about the new VR headset, including its 120Hz capabilities and 4K resolution per eye, but this is the first time we know who’ll be providing Sony with the technology to deliver on their promises.

In fact, if you head over to Tobii’s official website (opens in new tab), you can see the sorts of ventured it’s used its eye tracking technology before up until now. The firm has provided eye tracking tech to use for the superb Microsoft Flight Simulator, and also markets its tech for driving sim games like American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator.

Previously, a developer on VR-based Moss 2 said the PSVR 2’s eye tracking software would enable better performance and a longer lifespan. The new headset can “can improve performance and increase fidelity” said principal engineer Brendan Walker, adding that developers are “actually wasting a lot of rendering horsepower and putting detail where there actually doesn’t need to be as much.”

Head over to our upcoming PSVR 2 games guide for a complete look over everything Sony has planned for the new headset. 

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