Raft cheats and how to use them

Raft cheats can give you a significant advantage when you’re battling against the sea along with the creatures that live within it, and although Raft cheat codes are now officially patched out, they have been replaced by Raft cheats mods that provide many of the same assists plus some additional boosts. As the game launches out of early access with The Final Chapter, existing players are encouraged to start a fresh game to experience the additional content added, while new players who waited for the full release may require a helping hand as they learn how to survive on the ocean. Both of these groups can benefit from Raft cheats, so here’s what you need to know about how to use them.

Raft cheat codes

Raft cheats

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During the early access phase you could enter various Raft cheats as console command codes in the chat bar, but this option has been officially phased out as part of the full release of The Final Chapter. If you can find a mod to re-enable console commands, then these were the options available:

Character cheats

  • /set hunger # [replace # with a value]
  • /set bonushunger #
  • /set blockhealth #
  • /set thirst #
  • /set oxygen #

Spawn cheats

  • /spawn boar
  • /spawn chicken
  • /spawn goat
  • /spawn llama
  • /spawn pufferfish
  • /spawn shark
  • /spawn stonebird
  • /spawn landmark
  • /spawn landmark_big
  • /spawn landmark_pilot
  • /spawn landmark_raft
  • /clear # [remove animal or item]

Gameplay cheats

  • /godmode
  • /shift [moves raft to middle of world]
  • /set fps #
  • /set gamemode #

Raft cheats mods

Raft cheats

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Since the full release of the game, the most reliable way to use Raft cheats is to apply mods. To get started with this, visit the RaftModding (opens in new tab) community site and install their ModLoader so you can insert mods. There have been reports of this software triggering alerts from anti-virus software due to the way it inserts code into the game, and although it is trusted by the community you should as always exercise caution before installing any third-party software onto your PC.

Once you have that up and running, these are the best Raft cheats mods to add:


The KUtility (opens in new tab) mod is a solid replacement for the disabled console commands, as it allows you to activate the classic God Mode as well as removing the need for food, water, or even oxygen. You can also use it to rid yourself of sharks or seagulls, and to fly around the world before teleporting to your new location.

Item Spawner

With the Item Spawner (opens in new tab) mod you can give yourself any item you can think of, make a whole menagerie of animals appear nearby, and even make fresh islands rise out of the ocean. Obviously this can help you to construct the raft of your dreams, but it can also help you out of a pickle if you find yourself trapped somewhere and in need of a specific resource to make your escape.

Inventory Stack mods

We actually have two inventory mods to recommend here with the first being Stack Mod (opens in new tab), which basically increases the stack size for all stackable items using simple commands so you can carry and store more in each inventory slot. The second is Inventory Stack (opens in new tab), which provides a small quality of life update by removing consumed items from the last slot in your inventory rather than the default first slot, making it easier to manage your supplies in a more logical way.

Raft WeMod cheats

Raft cheats

(Image credit: WeMod)

If you’d prefer not to use various mods to access Raft cheats, the other option available is the Raft WeMod trainer (opens in new tab)  system. This widely trusted and highly rated software gives you access to core cheats such as unlimited health and no hunger or thirst, as well as some crafting tweaks to make the building process easier.

See where Raft ranks on our list of the best crafting games for the craftiest gamers among us.

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