Reliving the magic of The Wolf Among Us only adds to my excitement for Bigbys return

People are complicated. Multifaceted. A person can’t be so easily defined by any one thing. When it comes to playing as Bigby Wolf in The Wolf Among Us, though, the residents in Fabletown already have preconceived ideas about just who it is you are. After all, when you’re a fairytale character that’s painted as the big bad wolf in all of the storybooks, it can be tough to shake that reputation. 

So just what do you do when the prejudices against you get in the way of a murder investigation? And how do you convince people that you really are there to help when all they see is the wolf in you? Bigby’s notoriety constantly shapes how you’re viewed in your role as acting sheriff, and it’s also what makes Telltale’s detective mystery so absorbing. Through your choices, you can decide whether you give into your nature and act as everyone expects, or you fight against it and try to prove there’s more to you than your past.

I’m reminded of just how engrossing Telltale’s episodic story based on Bill Willingham’s comic series is thanks to a recent look at The Wolf Among Us 2. With the promise of Bigby’s return in 2023, I went back to where it all began almost a decade ago. With its spellbinding mix of gritty noir meets classic fables, The Wolf Among Us spins a tale of corruption and murder full of twists and turns from the perspective of one of Telltale’s most interesting protagonists. Reliving the magic of the first season has only made me all the more excited about the upcoming sequel and everything it has in store for us.  

Anger management  

The Wolf Among Us

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The Wolf Among Us has the kind of story I wish I could experience again for the first time. What begins as an unusual murder investigation unfolds into something much larger as you start to uncover corruption and dirty dealings deeply rooted in the heart of Fabletown. Each episode successfully keeps you guessing as the plot escalates, and every time you think you’re getting closer to the truth, curveballs are thrown your way. It really is gripping from start to finish, but what keeps me invested are the characters at the center of it all. While they are all figures plucked from fairytales, happy endings aren’t the end of their stories in the world of Mundys (everyday people who aren’t Fables). Throughout the story, you see that each individual has their own rough edges and problems just like Bigby.  

The story is shaped by choice and consequence, but your role as Bigby is really what really makes it stand out from other experiences like it. The responses and actions you decide to take impact not only the investigation, but also the perceptions the Fables have about you as the “big bad wolf”. To make it all the more interesting, it’s never cut and dry as to whether you’re doing anything right or wrong per se. Ultimately, it’s left up to you to decide how Bigby handles every given situation, which effectively pulls you right in and immerses you in the role.  

Right from the start, it’s clear that almost everyone views Bigby with hostility or as someone to be feared, which comes into play time and again when you’re trying to fulfill your duties. Essentially, you’re always having to work against the prejudices other fables have about you; even the most run-of-the-mill conversation can turn sour if handled poorly. Since you are working on the side of the law, you often grapple with sheriff Wolf’s anger, which you can try to keep in check or give into throughout your investigations. 

In the first season, even if you try to keep Bigby’s innermost nature at bay, some circumstances push him over the edge. We see first-hand what happens when he loses control of his anger and transforms into his wolf self. Since it’s something you see him constantly struggle with, I can hardly wait to see how The Wolf Among Us 2 will explore this further. As we recently learned, the upcoming sequel will take place six months after the events of the first season, with Bigby now in anger management. He’s naturally still struggling with this side of himself, and I’m eager to see how his anger may continue to hinder or shape his new path in The Wolf Among Us 2.

Sheriff turned private investigator 

The Wolf Among Us 2

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“Bigby continues to be one of the very best characters to play in Telltale’s episodic offerings, and it’s beyond exciting to know he’s making a comeback sometime next year at long last.”

Living in the smallest apartment in town, it’s quickly established that Bigby (like all great detectives) really is a lone wolf who’s on the outskirts of society. He doesn’t fit in anywhere, and thanks to his position and reputation, you’re given a unique perspective on Fabletown. While you’re a sheriff with connections to those in power at the business office, you’re clearly looked down upon by those at the top. Your association with the office, coupled with Bigby’s reputation, also makes the locals less than enamored with the idea of helping you. 

The role of acting sheriff brings a sense of responsibility to Bigby’s role in Fabletown, and it can often make you think twice about how you act. You’re technically beholden to this position, and you can risk upsetting Snow as the director of operations at the business office if you go against her word. Of course, you can easily play into the lone wolf persona and choose to do whatever you want to get things done. This freedom of choice reinforces the feeling that you really are embodying the role of Bigby and shaping what direction he takes in any given scenario. 

What is perhaps most exciting about The Wolf Among Us 2, though, is that we’ll be playing as a private investigator this time around. Bigby’s position has been stripped away after being suspended by Snow, and we’re set to venture out into the wider world on a new case outside of Fabletown. Returning to The Wolf Among Us serves as a reminder of just how engrossing it is as a story-driven experience. By leading you through one hell of mystery with many surprises -that even ends on somewhat of a cliff-hanger – I’m once again left wanting more. Bigby continues to be one of the very best characters to play in Telltale’s episodic offerings, and it’s beyond exciting to know he’s making a comeback sometime next year at long last.  

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