How to use the Valheim Ymir Flesh item sold by Haldor

Ever heard of Valheim Ymir Flesh? Chances are you haven’t even encountered it yet, as this material is very rare. In fact, you won’t find it anywhere until you meet Valheim’s resident trader, the blue dwarf called Haldor.  

And even if you already found Haldor and bought his Ymir Flesh, the game still doesn’t tell you what to do with it. Confusing? Yes. But here’s everything you need to know about Valheim’s Ymir Flesh, including the answer to the question whether it’s worth buying.

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How to use Ymir Flesh in Valheim

Valheim Ymir Flesh

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As explained above, the only way to obtain Ymir Flesh in Valheim is by finding Haldor, the merchant in Valheim. He’s always found in Black Forest biomes so if you haven’t discovered him yet, keep exploring and check out our guide linked in the intro which has more details on the elusive trader. It costs 120 coins for one Ymir Flesh, which is a significant amount during the early stages of the game.

In Valheim, Ymir Flesh has two uses, and both are as a crafting component – no, you cannot eat the flesh of Ymir. The first recipe Ymir Flesh is used in is for the Iron Sledge, a powerful two-handed weapon. Here’s the full Iron Sledge recipe:

  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Iron
  • 4 Ymir Flesh
  • 1 Draugr Elite Trophy

The Iron Sledge deals 55 blunt damage with a whopping 200 knockback power, which makes it a great weapon for clearing space and hitting multiple enemies at once.

However, if you’re limited with how much Ymir Flesh you can buy, it’s recommended that you save up for Frostner, the other weapon you can use Ymir Flesh for. Here’s the full Frostner recipe:

  • 10 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Silver
  • 5 Ymir Flesh
  • 5 Freeze Glands

This silver hammer drains stamina from any non-frost enemies along with dealing 35 blunt, 40 frost, and 20 spirit damage, with 120 knockback power. Draining enemy stamina makes them move much slower than usual, so you should carry Frostner with you whenever you’re not in the Mountain biome.

To craft both Frostner and the Iron Sledge will cost 1080 coins for a total of nine Ymir Flesh. If you’ve got the cash saved up however, it’s more than worth it.

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