All Resident Evil 2 Hip Pouch locations to increase inventory space

Finding all the Resident Evil 2 Hip Pouches is important if you want to increase your inventory space. These extra pockets add two slots to you storage each time you find one, making them of the most useful things in the game to get. Considering inventory management, and having to arrange, swap and leave items to take what you need, is a core mechanic, maxing out your space is vital. The more you can carry the less you’ll have to backtrack and the less likely (hopefully) you’ll run out of precious ammo and herbs.

Find them all and you can increase Leon and Claire’s inventory size by up to 12 slots, which is a massive boost. It’ll also earn the A Waist of Space achievement if you’re after that sort of thing. Below we have all the Resident Evil 2 Hip Pouch locations to help you find them for both characters and increase your inventory space.

Hip Pouch 1, Police Station

The first hip pouch can be found on the third floor of the Police Station, so head towards the West Storage Room (the room with the Maiden Statue). It’s pretty dark and cluttered in this room, so it can be rather easy to miss it on your first playthrough. The hip pouch can be found lying on the table just opposite the barricade you destroy with the Detonator. Simply interact with the pouch to claim your first two inventory slots. If you’re also trying to find all the medallions as well then check out the Resident Evil 2 Remake medallion locations

Hip Pouch 2, Police Station

The next hip pouch is tucked safely away in the Police Station West Office safe. However, you’ll need the code to crack it. This code can be found in the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor, and is left 9, right 15, left 7. Once you’ve entered the code you can claim your second hip pouch. You can also check out all the Resident Evil 2 safe codes if you want to save time. 

Hip Pouch 3, Police Station

In order to get this hip pouch, you’ll need to obtain two spare keys for the broken keypad in the Safety Deposit Room. Both keys can be found in the portable safes that are hidden around the police station, but the locations change depending on if you’re playing a first or second playthough. 

For a first playthrough you’ll find the the first portable safe is located in the Shower Room (2F) and the second will need the Red Diamond Key to open the Linen Room (2F). On a second playthrough you’ll find them in the Interrogation room (1F) and Linen Room (2F, again needing the red Diamond Key. 

The Portable Safe’s have a randomised code unfortunately so there’s no shortcuts here – you’ll have to basically work out the eight number code by repeatedly tapping the keys and memorising the sequence until you get all the numbers right.  

Cracking each portable safe code will get you a single key that can access some of the gear locked away in the Safety Deposit Room, but seeing as the missing numbers are 2 and 3 you’ll need both to access the Hip Pouch in locker 203.

Hip Pouch 4, Sewers

This hip pouch is located in the Sewer Underground Facility’s Operator’s Room. Simply open the locker next to the typewriter to claim your prize. This one’s basically a freebie as you have to pass through this room to proceed. Just make sure you don’t miss it on the way.

Hip Pouch 5, Sewers

To get this hip pouch, you’ll need to make your way to the Workroom on the Upper level of the Sewers. Use the T-Bar to raise the door and make your way over to the lift. Upon entering the Workroom, you’ll see a dead zombie lying on the ground with a hip pouch on the table above it. 

Hip Pouch 6, Laboratory

The final hip pouch is located in the Nap Room of the Laboratory, but you’ll need to first retrieve the Signal Modulator to turn the power back on. The location of the Signal Modulator itself varies depending on whether you’re playing a first or second playthrough.

The first time through you’ll find it in the unnamed B1 room just off the Lobby you reach when you first enter the East area of the Laboratory. When you first arrive it’ll be locked from the other side so you’ll have to play through the mission objectives to get into the greenhouse and open the hatch. That will take you through to an area where you can get to the B1 room, retrieve the Signal Modulator and unlock the door back to the Lobby. 

In the second playthrough the Signal Modular will simply be by the soldier’s body as you head into the central lift area with the walkways to the east and west sides. 

When you have the Signal Modulator you can use it to get the power on in the Nap Room by examining the Signal Modulator and tuning the waves to the signal name written on the electrical outlet on the wall. When the waves match slot it in to get the power back on. When you do that the nap room pods will open revealing a hip Pouch (yay), a Mr Raccoon (yay) and zombie (oh, ffs).  

Getting all 6 Resident Evil 2 Remake Hip Pouches and the 12 extra slots they give you will make a huge difference to the game as you explore and ferry items around. It’s especially useful with Claire’s 2nd playthrough as she has more guns and ammo to juggle. 

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