Risk of Rain 2 expansion Survivors of the Void coming March 1 with “more of the good stuff”

Risk of Rain 2’s first big expansion, Survivors of the Void, is coming to PC on March 1, with a console release not far behind. 

Developer Hopoo Games announced the Survivors of the Void release date alongside a reveal stream (opens in new tab) focusing on the Railgunner, one of the two new playable characters included in the expansion. The $15 DLC is coming to Steam first, while console players will get access sometime during the second quarter of 2022. 

With a huge mix of nine new enemies, 40 items, two bosses, and four stages, Survivors of the Void is Risk of Rain 2’s biggest update yet. There’s also a new wave-based mode called the Simulacrum, plus an alternate ending complete with another final boss. 

The identity of the other new character is still a secret, but today’s reveal included a pretty detailed look at the Railgunner, who’s something of a successor to the Sniper from the original Risk of Rain. She has a high-damage, long-range sniper rifle complete with a first-person scope, plus a short-range SMG, bouncy concussion grenades, and an overcharged shot which deals massive damage at the cost of a lengthy cooldown. 

We spoke to Hopoo Games co-founders Paul Morse and Duncan Drummond about the making of Survivors of the Void, how it builds on ideas which weren’t feasible during Risk of Rain 2’s Early Access period, and the origins of the Railgunner. Survivors of the Void collects and revives everything Hopoo ever wanted for Risk of Rain 2, and it sounds like everything fans want. 

“With Survivors of the Void, we decided to stick to what people knew and what people loved about Risk of Rain 2 – content and enemies and bosses and levels and more of the good stuff that was already in the game,” Drummond says. “Everything that we want to have in there should go in, and it should be as big as possible; [Survivors of the Void] should be everything that we’ve wanted to do in Risk 2, so we poured all the designs that we have into that.”

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