Rumored The Last of Us remake studio is working on a “banger” of a game, according to one employee

Sony’s secretive PlayStation Studios Visual Arts development team is apparently working on a “banger” of a game, with some speculating that it could be a The Last of Us remake. 

As a Twitter user (opens in new tab) recently pointed out (via VGC (opens in new tab)), PlayStation animator Robert Morrison has given a tiny hint as to what the elusive PlayStation studio is currently working on. Dating back as far as March 2022, Morrison has put out a number of tweets giving small insights into what they and the rest of the team are up to these days.

One of Morrison’s tweets featured the phrase: “PlayStation has some bangers coming out this year.” According to the animator’s LinkedIn page, they currently work at PlayStation Studios Visual Arts – that back in 2018 (opens in new tab) was announced as “a new game development team in partnership with a major Sony studio.” This also possibly links to Morrison’s other tweet which says that they have been working on a secret project for the last 3 – 5 years. 

PlayStation Studios developer says Sony has some bangers coming this year.”I’m not working on God of War Ragnarok but something equally cool.”The Last of Us Remake or something else? 👀 17, 2022

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Prior to this, Morrison previously worked as a senior animator at Santa Monica Studio, the PlayStation Studios developer behind God of War and its upcoming sequel God of War Ragnarok. To clear things up though, Morrison also put out a tweet (as featured above) which revealed that they are “not working on Ragnarok, but something equally cool.”

So what’s this got to do with The Last of Us? Well, back in December 2021 a job listing for PlayStation Studios Visual Arts was shared to Reddit which said the studio was looking for a technical game designer “with an appetite for high quality, 3rd person, action/adventure games.” This of course isn’t enough info to categorically link it to a The Last of Us remake but the ‘responsibilities’ of the job kind of do. 

According to the same listing, the person hired for the role would be “implementing existing gameplay systems into a new framework” and “improving existing level scripts for interaction and engagement.” There are also mentions of ranged and melee combat – which does sound a lot like some kind of remake as well as the games in Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic game series. 

Although not officially announced as on the way yet, it was previously reported earlier this year that The Last of Us remake is apparently almost complete and will release later this year. Naughty Dog co-president and The Last of Us Neil Druckmann has also been hinting for several months now that Naughty Dog has multiple games in the works. What exactly they are though, we’ll have to wait to find out. 

UPDATE: Turns out the rumors were true as The Last of Us Part 1 was leaked by PlayStation ahead of Summer Game Fest 2022.

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