SCP: Secret Files takes you into its secretive world of dangerous anomalies this September

Fans of the weird and dangerous are going to love SCP: Secret Files’ reveal of a mid-September PC release date, with pre-orders going live on August 24. Not only that, but the game will also be heading to consoles in 2023. 

This varied horror experience channels ‘real’ SCP files, letting you take on a range of assignments to find and contain various anomalies, supernatural and otherworldly objects, and entities that threaten the world on an almost daily basis. 

If you’ve played Control then this might sound familiar, and that’s because Control was heavily inspired by the original SCP stories that have been published for years on the SCP Foundation (opens in new tab) wiki. Unlike Control, however, this is directly drawing from those original stories – creating a range of experiences that specifically recreate the tales logged in the SCP files. 

For the newcomers, SCP stands for ‘Secure, Contain, Protect’ and its numerous online tales follow a mysterious foundation dedicated to protecting the world from anomalous objects, devices and creatures that can cause anything from a severe risk to human life, through to the end of the world. Or, somehow, even worse. Playing as a series of different agents you’ll be able to experience a range of various authentic SCP files and cases. 

As you play, not only will you take on these threats as different characters, but the game will change between levels to better represent the SCP things you encounter. There’s everything here from basic first person horror, interactive fiction or picture books and even retro adventures to be played – like the source material, SCP: Secret Files is a mashup of genres and inspirations, a decision made by developer GameZoo Studio to better realise the bizarre world of its fiction and mythology. 

While this is a world most famous for its dark and arcane threats, not all anomalies are dangerous. So for every tangle with a world threatening presence that plays out like a traditional horror game, there’s an uplifting fable, or something you might never expect. Like playing as a toaster…

That unpredictability is sort of the point here: the SCP Foundation finds and deals with the unexplained in all its forms, and SCP: Secret Files has been lovingly crafted to recreate that breadth of stories, styles and atmospheres in gaming form. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to stay up to date ahead of its September release date, and keep up to date on Twitter for more information.  

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