Death Stranding EX Grenades – How to attack BTs with Sam’s body fluids

The Death Stranding EX Grenades will be one of the first weapons you get your hands on in the Director’s Cut. However, the game doesn’t really explain much, preferring to let you work it out. Early on though it’s not always clear what they do in all the chaos of fighting a BT, so a little help from us will help you get to grips with things sooner. 

These unusual Death Stranding grenades are made from your shower water, urine and feces because, somehow, that upsets post apocalyptic murder ghosts in Death Stranding. So simply getting them means remembering to do very specific things when you’re in one of your bases. And, because you can only go to the toilet so much, you’ll have a finite supply. So you’ll really want to understand how these affect BTs and how you can use them most effectively. So read on, then, to discover how to get and use Death Stranding EX Grenades and what they’re actually used for.

How to acquire EX Grenades in Death Stranding

How to acquire EX Grenades in Death Stranding

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After you’re introduced to the concept by Heartman and Deadman, acquiring EX Grenades is fairly simple, but be warned, as they’re certainly quite finite. To ‘create’ EX Grenades you have to first head to your Private Room. Once you’re sat on the edge of your bed, look around and you’ll notice the shower which doubles as a toilet on the left hand side. You’ll then have three options: 

  • Shower
  • Toilet: Sitting
  • Toilet: Standing

I feel like we all know where this is going. If you take a shower you’ll get a certain number of EX Grenade Number 0. If you stand up for a slash you’ll receive EX Grenade Number 1 and if you sit for a… longer break, you’ll receive EX Grenade Number 2. It’s easy to remember.

Like the Hematic Grenades, the three EX Grenade variants are made from Sam’s bodily fluids and therefore have an affect on BTs, dealing damage due to Sam’s unique abilities and repatriate nature.

How to use EX Grenades in Death Stranding

How to use EX Grenades in Death Stranding

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The best way to think about EX Grenades in Death Stranding is to see them as non-lethal Hematic Grenades. EX Grenades regardless of their type will will remove the tar coat on the BT when you throw it at them, leaving them exposed to more damaging attacks. there also seems to be a stunning slowing affect when the grenade lands.

So yes, EX Grenades are useful for weakening a BT when it’s raging across the battlefield and ripping your health to shreds. Use them wisely and hold L2 to get a very precise shot, as their finite nature means you need to nail every single throw. Good to note that this effect doesn’t last forever either, but it’ll certainly be long enough to get in a number of solid Hematic Grenade or rifle shots whilst it wallows in anguish.

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