Skyrim gets its own Red Dead Redemption 2 sketchbook thanks to modders

If you loved Arthur Morgan’s detailed sketches in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll love them in Skyrim. 

Thanks to the Adventurer’s Sketchbook mod from creator gghumus, you can have the same experience as you trek throughout the world of Skyrim. Carry an elegant journal along on your travels that you can fill with sketches of the sights you take in on the way, just like Arthur Morgan. 

Once you apply the mod, visiting specific areas will add new entries to your journal. As you continue to fill the sketchbook, you’ll make progress toward unlocking the unique ability The Lay of the Land. It grants a boost to critical hit chances and movement speed when active.  

When you apply the mod, you’ll want to head over to the Guardian Stones to pick up the sketchbook. Open the sketchbook when you travel to an area of interest to automatically add a new image to your ever-growing collection log. There are 66 hand-picked locations to explore and potentially add to your sketchbook. Find 30 of them to use the first stage of The Lay of the Land, which grants a +5% critical hit chance and a -5% chance for enemies to land a critical hit on you. 

You can unlock more powerful variations of the ability at 50, 60, and 66 completed sketches, with additional boosts added in as you collect more images. 

According to gghumus, this mod was made possible by Redditor u/scramsax, who penned an extensive guide to creating dynamic book entries similar to that of the original Red Dead Redemption 2 journal. If you’re interested in adding sketchbook functionality to Skyrim, you can download it for free right now via NexusMods (opens in new tab). Then it’s up to you to start scribbling away. 

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