Skyrim honey farming trick is simple and effective

A Skyrim honey tip will sweeten your next playthrough with an easy way to farm the handy potion ingredient.

As you travel through Skyrim, you’ve likely noticed some bee hives hanging from trees that can be used to harvest honeycombs. You may have also seen a few hanging out of reach and assumed they were just part of the scenery. But as Reddit user Skyrim_For_Everyone recently pointed out, all you need is a bow or other means of ranged attack to get that honey.

ok_i_must_be_stupid_been_playing_for_a_while_and from r/skyrim

Just fire away to knock the hive down, then head over and pick it up. Please don’t try to recreate this in real life because a) bees are pollinators who play a very important role in their ecosystems, b) bees are friends, and c) bees will stop being your friends if you’re anywhere near their hive when it drops. We’ll just add the concept of “all the bees moved to Cyrodiil and left their old honey behind for whoever wants it” to our increasingly complex Skyrim roleplay scenario, right next to playing a Whiterun guard for a few years.

If you’re not sure where to look to test this out yourself, try starting around the appropriately named Honeystrand Cave west of Iverstead. Just keep an eye out for any bears who may want to share in your sweet spoils.

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