Call of Duty: Vanguard PS5 pre-load issue blocks some players from even starting the game

A new Call of Duty: Vanguard issue has blocked some PS5 players from accessing the game after pre-loading its next update.

Developer Sledgehammer Games acknowledged the PS5 pre-load problem in a tweet, adding that it’s now actively “investigating” the issue. At the time of writing, this tweet is a little over an hour old, and we haven’t heard anything else from the studio since, so it’s safe to say its investigation is still ongoing. 

Whatever the problem is, it’s seemingly tied to the content of Vanguard’s next update, which will synchronize the Call of Duty ecosystem and set the stage for Vanguard’s transition to Season 1. The season itself won’t begin until December 8 – which, per the freshly minted Warzone Pacific launch trailer, is also when Vanguard owners will get early access to the new battle royale update – but the preparatory update will go live tonight, December 6.

It’s possible that the issues blocking some PS5 players from accessing Vanguard will naturally fade once the update is actually live, but for the time being, pre-loading the pre-season 1 update can ironically lock you out of the game. We’ll update this story as this issue evolves. 

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