Halo Infinite Theater Mode recordings from the beta will break in the full version

If you have any Halo Infinite highlights you’ve been meaning to save from your time in the beta, this is your last chance to keep them for good.

The official Halo Support Twitter account announced that Halo Infinite Theater Films created between November 15 and December 7 – in other words, during the course of the beta – will no longer function as of tomorrow. This includes automatic recordings of previously played matches, so if you’ve pulled off any particularly cool stunts – or been the victim of an especially humorous Pelican attack – you should pull them up and record them out to video while you still can.

#HaloInfinite Theatre Films created between 11/15 and 12/7 will become unavailable on 12/8 (tomorrow). If you have moments you would like to save, please record them using a digital recording tool. https://t.co/tSkv47AVhADecember 7, 2021

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While 343 Industries aims to let players keep their in-game recordings as long as possible, the steady process of game updates means older recordings will inevitably become incompatible with the current version of the game, as an official support page (opens in new tab) explains: “Substantial updates, such as moving from beta to full release, can reset your history and bookmarks or result in some films becoming deprecated due to changes in game content.”

If you’re ready for the beta to end and the single-player campaign to arrive, you can check out our guide to the Halo Infinite release time to know exactly when you can link back up with Master Chief.

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