Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition jade statue locations guide

The Sleeping Dogs jade statues that you can find around Hong Kong. There are 12 of them, but you’ll need to find the 11 that have been stolen from Sifu Kwok. Each one you return to Sifu will award you with a new martial arts technique, which will help to round out your combat abilities and makes these statues worth tracking down. We’ve got all the information you need on how to get and where to find the Sleeping Dogs jade statues.

How to find the Sleeping Dogs jade statues

The jade statues become available after you complete the Amanda story line mission. Each time you come across one of the jade statues, return it to Sifu at the dojo and you will be offered a new technique to learn in fighting. While they may not all be great, the final one that you learn makes finding all the statues worthwhile. Once you have met Tiffany during the Club Bam Bam mission and then completed her favour mission Tiffany’s Song by calling her on the phone, the jade statue locations will all appear on the map.

1: The first jade statue can be found inside the Golden Koi restaurant, up the stairs and in the kitchen.

2: The second statue is located inside Club Bam Bam, upstairs on the bar.

3: During the Popstar Lead 3 mission, you will need to hop up on a boat to get a vantage point. The statue will be right there glowing as bright as day where you need to hop up.

4: The fourth can be found in the Wedding Shop in North Central.

5: During the mission Bad Luck when you break into Two Chin’s house, you can find this statue locked up behind a door in the centre of the house.

6: This statue is located in the hospital on the right side as you enter.

7: When you make your way out to the Gambling Den in the middle of the ocean in Central, go inside to the poker tables and the statue will be there.

8: This jade statue can be found inside the K-bar, in Central, sitting on the bar beside the soda machine.

9: This statue can be found at the cemetery inside the room with the coffins next to the parking lot.

10: Go to the Temple and at the top of the long stairs, in the candle lit room, this statue will be waiting.

11: During the Conflicted Loyalties mission, when you enter Vivienne’s apartment, it will be on the table.

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