Sega launches Sonic, Yakuza, and Shenmue colognes

Sega has launched a line of colognes inspired by some of its tentpole series: Yakuza, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Shenmue.

If you’re in the UK or EU, you can pre-order any one of Sega’s new colognes right now for £29.99/29,56€, and they’re expected to start shipping next month. The Yakuza one (opens in new tab) apparently smells like a Yakuza chairman… so, cigarettes and whiskey highballs?

Smells like something new has landed! Introducing the Yakuza, Shenmue and Sonic the Hedgehog unisex Cologne from @numskulldesigns! With three awesome scents, which is your favourite?🇬🇧 | 🇪🇺 18, 2021

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“Created for the night, this bold and intriguing Yakuza/Ryū ga Gotoku ‘Bourbon and Smoke’ unisex cologne will have you smelling like the Tojo clan’s finest crime boss! This fragrance flaunts a deep and mysterious scent of antique oak, cedarwood, beeswax infused with smoky bourbon, leathery rose and scorching pimento,” reads the description.

If you’ve ever wondered what Sonic smells like, he’s apparently quite citrusy. The description for his official cologne (opens in new tab) describes “a blast of fresh citrus, a zing of grapefruit zest and exotic lemon and lime, topped with the scene of the ocean breeze and chilled melon fade.” Honestly, that’s probably preferable to the scent of an actual hedgehog (no offense to the spiny little guys).

Finally, Ryo Hazuki himself has his own Shenmue cologne now called ‘Tobacco and Gold’. The scent has notes of cardamom, bergamot orange, smoldering tobacco, orris root, and patchouli. “Rebellious and addictive, this exhilarating Shenmue ‘Tobacco and Gold’ unisex cologne hits all right smells to get the likes of Ryo Hazuki nodding in appreciation,” the description reads.

Once you’ve got your cool red suit and Yakuza scent sorted, here are the best games of 2021 (so far) to stay inside and play.

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