Sony first-party studio Firesprite is reportedly now working on the Twisted Metal reboot

The speculative Twisted Metal reboot is apparently now in development with Sony first-party studio Firesprite.

This is according to VGC (opens in new tab) whose source claims that not only has the reboot switched studios from Lucid Games to Firesprite (both based in Liverpool, UK) but that Matt Southern – the game director of various Motorstorm games at Lucid Games – may have also moved with the project too. 

Just a few days prior to this, the outlet also reported that the currently announced Twisted Metal reboot was moving from Lucid Games to “one of [Sony’s] first-party studios in Europe.” Considering Firesprite was acquired by Sony to join the PlayStation Studios family in September 2021, both of these claims do appear to link up. 

If you’re not familiar with Firesprite, the studio is primarily known for developing The Playroom and The Persistence. The developer was recently spotted hiring for a number of roles at its UK studio for a game with “AAA ambitions” as well as a “heavy focus on art.” We can’t be sure if this means the studio is working on a Twisted Metal remake, however, the original games do sport extremely distinct artwork. 

If you’re wondering about other aspects of the Twisted Metal universe we also know that a Twisted Metal TV series is currently in the works with writers from Deadpool attached to the project. If that doesn’t sound interesting enough, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie is also attached to star in the show.

Wondering what went into Sony’s acquisition? Find out why PlayStation bought Playroom and Persistence developer Firesprite.

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