Spelunky 2 and Getting Over It crossover mod comes with a cash bounty for finishing hard mode first

A new mod brings the cauldron climbing action of Getting Over It to Spelunky 2, proving that two notoriously tough games can be even tougher together.

The frankly inhumane new creation is the work of XanaGear, who says in the mod description (opens in new tab) that “it started out as a bit of a joke level that was way too hard” (spotted by Polygon (opens in new tab)). This is the inflection point in the life of any creator, when they decide whether the silly little thing they started making just for kicks will remain just a silly little thing, or if it will define part of their creative output for the rest of their life.

Thankfully, XanaGear chose the latter option, and now we have a full-fledged game of Princess Airyn stuck in a Magma Cauldron and using a Scepter of Anubis to navigate extremely inconsiderate architecture. It doesn’t take quite the same approach of rotational sledgehammer physics, but the spirit of Getting Over It is still present and accounted for.  XanaGear is even offering a $50 bounty to the first person who submits clean video proof of them completing the mod on extra-hard mode.

Oh, did we mention there’s an extra hard mode, titled “A True Challenge (Impossible?)” It’s always a good sign when even the person who made the thing isn’t entirely sure it can be done.

If you’re interested in other, cauldron-optional directions games like Spelunky could go next, you should check out Edge Magazine’s interview with Spelunky creator Derek Yu on what’s yet to come for roguelikes.

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