Splatoon 3 brings two flashy weapons to the fold

Splatoon 3 has at least two new weapon types, and Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on both of them.

When Splatoon 3’s new release date of September 9 was announced last week, we were treated to a gameplay trailer showing off the game’s chaotic Turf War mode in action. Within said footage was hiding two brand new weapon types for the Inkling’s arsenal, the first of which you can check out just below.

Stringers can fire ink horizontally or vertically depending on whether they are fired while standing or jumping. This is the Tri-Stringer, which can fire in three directions simultaneously and unleash charged shots that briefly freeze before exploding. #Splatoon3 pic.twitter.com/UE5FKScHwwApril 22, 2022

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The Stringer, as you might expect from its appearance, sort of works like an advanced bow and arrow. This variation of the weapon, called the Tri-Stringer, can fire in three directions simultaneously, a boost to the standard version of the weapon, which can be fired either horizontally or vertically depending on whether the player is standing or in mid-air at the time.

Next, there’s the Ink Vac, seen just below. This brilliant weapon actually hoovers up enemy attacker’s ink, and then sends it right back at them in a cannonball-like strike, and the more ink the weapon inhalers before firing, the more powerful the subsequent attack will be. Unlike the Stringer, it doesn’t look like there’ll be multiple versions of the Ink Vac weapon.

The Ink Vac is equipped with a massive nozzle capable of inhaling the ink from an enemy’s attack and sending it back via a powerful counterattack. The more attacks it inhales, the more powerful the Ink Vac becomes! #Splatoon3 pic.twitter.com/oV4xfYRn20April 25, 2022

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That’s it for the new weapons headlining Splatoon 3, but it’s highly likely there’ll be more ink guns found in the depths of Nintendo’s new game. With a release date pencilled in for September 9, there’s just a few more months to wait until we can finally get our hands on the splattering sequel, and find out what the deal is with the ruined world we’re sloshing around in.

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