Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan wants to direct a Sith-centred Star Wars movie

Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan says he “would love” to direct a Star Wars movie — particularly if said movie revolved around Sith Lords and the dark side.

The horror director, who has released popular genre titles such as Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil and Netflix’s The Haunting series, was asked by a fan on Twitter recently whether he’d be interested in joining the space-set franchise. 

“I’d love to see you tackle a Sith story,” they tweeted, after the filmmaker engaged with a couple of online memes about Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which sees Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep lead Ewan McGregor reprise the titular role.

“My god I would LOVE it”, he wrote back. 

In response, another of Flanagan’s followers suggested that if he were to ever make a Star Wars movie, he should sign The Haunting of Bly Manor star — and self-proclaimed Star Wars fanatic — Rahul Kohli up for a role.

My god I would LOVE it https://t.co/cdZB2QvK5TMarch 10, 2022

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“You could put [Rahul Kohli] into a Star Wars film to make things right in the universe,” they said, to which Flanagan replied: “In a heartbeat.” 

Flanagan is known for frequently collaborating with the same actors, and is currently in the midst of filming his next Netflix outing, The Fall of the House of Usher, with his pals Kohli, Carla Gugino, Annabeth Gish, Samantha Sloyan, Zach Gilford, Henry Thomas, and more.

Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill, Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly, Frank Langella, and Kate Siegel are among those rounding out the cast, and Twitter hopefuls also want the latter to feature in this as-yet-hypothetical Star Wars of his.

“Kate has to be in it though, no ifs buts or maybes,” one user said, as he wrote back: “Damn right.”

Given Flanagan’s propensity to mix tragedy and terror in all of his works — two things present in Sith Anakin Skywalker’s storyline, for example — Flanagan could be a perfect match for this type of project. While we think up ways to turn this idea into a reality, why not check out our breakdown of every new Star Wars movie and show the franchise has in the pipeline.

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