Stardew Valley player painstakingly recreates Undertales theme tune with flute and drum blocks

You’re not only a farmer in Stardew Valley, you can also become the new Mozart – or simply recreate Megalovania in a mere six hours.

There are some gamers who embrace every small challenge and go above and beyond for their own satisfaction. One of those is Reddit user u/YaramyGD, a Stardew Valley player who spent six hours placing flute and drum blocks in the right rhythmic pattern to replicate the theme song of Undertale: Megalovania.

A catchy song in its own right, it’s done justice within the pixelated world of Stardew Valley. The Redditor focused all their attention on the placement of the blocks and not on acquiring them, as discovered in the comments, the blocks were actually placed using a cheat code. However, it can’t really be considered cheating if the player then spends five hours placing individual flute and drum blocks in the right place. Instead, you could call it an economic use of their time. The Redditor spent one hour meticulously planning this epic feat, and another five hours pulling the impressive plan off.

In the comments, there are a few cheeky requests asking the Redditor to make other songs within the world of Stardew Valley in the same format, the most popular requests being Oasis’ Wonderwall and Stairway to Heaven. The possibilities are endless, but also so is the time required to build/make one of these compositions. If the short theme song of Undertale took six total hours to make, imagine a full song. The player would have to give up a good chunk of a healthy life just to make one of those dreams come true. It would probably be totally worth it though.

Stardew Valley is its own source of inspiration as seen by this Stardew Valley fan who is recreating every recipe from the game on TikTok. Obviously, they won’t be as delicious, as the world is yummier when pixelated.  

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