Streamer completes a reimagined world map in Minecraft after three years of building

Streamer RTGame and his community have completed a map of ‘New Earth’ in Minecraft after three years of construction. The map is built on a 1:4000 scale of the Earth, meaning it horizontally spans about 10km or 10,000 blocks in-game.

This has been going on for three years on and off livestream, and yesterday marked the final day of building. Whilst it’s got all the continents, albeit with some creative liberties in their portrayals, RTGame’s New Earth also has regions representing Atlantis, New Heaven, and a plot of multiple capital cities for the planet.

If you don’t play Minecraft, you can see the build for yourself with this interactive map, and zooming in you’ll be able to see the detail that’s gone into the map. In North America, Blockbuster shops stand next to Vault 11 from Fallout: New Vegas. Hop down to the Caribbean and you’ll find Luffy from One Piece and a red Pikmin.

We spent Three Years building an entire New Earth in Minecraft. The project is now complete – here’s the final World Map! Thank you everyone for taking part 4, 2023

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The detail is really impressive and it’s amazing zooming across the map and seeing what RTGame and his community have built together over three years. The community has compiled a Wikipedia page which has a brief history of the project, and RTGame himself has got a playlist of each livestream session condensed.

The final episode shows RTGame as he visits everyone making one of the capital city plots, which range from IKEA to a flaming meteor to several Among Us beans, but it’s just very heartwarming to watch. 

If seeing New Earth has got your creative juices going, here’s a list of the best crafting games, including Minecraft, you should check out.


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