New trailer for Netflix’s Wednesday is a delightfully spooky ode to the original Addams Family

It’s creepy, it’s kooky, it’s all together ooky: the first trailer for Tim Burton’s Wednesday is here.

Netflix has unveiled the first official trailer for their live-action Wednesday Addams, which is slated for a Fall 2022 premiere. In the clip, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) is the mischievous goth we all know and love – so much so that she keeps getting expelled for her (rather bloody) antics. After her 9th expulsion, Wednesday gets sent to the prestigious Nevermore Academy – where Gomez (Luis Guzman) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) first met and fell in love.

The trailer is a montage of darkly fantastical clips – with one briefly showing a prom queen-esque Gwendoline Christie screaming while blood rains down on her a la Stephen King’s Carrie. 

Fans of the original Charles Addams comic will be delighted by the attention to detail – with Gomez sporting his signature sleek hairstyle, Wednesday wearing a polka-dotted pilgrim collar dress, and an appearance from Thing – and lovers of Barry Sonnenfeld’s Addams Family Values will appreciate a nod to the iconic summer camp swimming scene as well as the introduction of a character who is reminiscent of popular girl Amanda Buckman. (Christina Ricci, the OG Wednesday Addams, also plays Marilyn Thornhill – a character written specifically for her – though we don’t see her in the trailer.)

As per Netflix, the coming-of-age fantasy comedy follows a teenage Wednesday Addams who enrolls at a centuries-old boarding school called Nevermore Academy. While at the academy, Wednesday must learn to control her own emerging psychic powers, stop a monster from destroying the town, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family some 25 years prior.

Wednesday is slated for a September-October 2022 release. For more, check out our list of the best new TV shows coming your way in 2022 and beyond.

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